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The King’s Apostle Church World Ministries, Incorporated is a non-profit organization with the mission of “Fulfilling God’s Purpose and Extending His Kingdom”. The 21st century has proven to bring with it many uncertainties with many challenges facing this generation. Building on the foundation of the Apostles doctrine, with the Lord Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone, our desire through the Word of God is to bring upon men and women the joy in coming to know and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. To find life’s meaning in this relationship an individual will become well rounded and find fulfillment spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Through the five-fold ministry gifts of the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher we will equipped the saints for the work of the kingdom and edify, enlarge and empower the body of Christ for kingdom living and reigning.

We endeavor to strengthen local pastors and assemblies as well as plant churches here and aboard. Fully understanding that wisdom and knowledge are the stability of our times we are preparing ministers in all areas by establishing an accredited school of ministry with a fast track for ministry preparation.

Thus, this is the vision of the King’s Apostle Church World Ministries, Inc. as we are “Fulfilling God’s Purpose and Extending His Kingdom”.

Because we are ONE, they are WON…

Apostle Wilbert Lewis Baltimore, D.D




The King’s Apostle Church World Ministries came into existence through the inspiration of Almighty God in the fall of 1910.Our Founder, Mother C.V. Gurry left these words for us to consider, “I was one of God’s handmaidens who was overshadowed by the power of the Holy Ghost. Through God’s loving kindness and tender mercies He revealed Hs glorious light to me, a Mother in Christ. “Thus the King’s Apostle Holy Temple Church of God was incorporated on July 10, 1911 in Baltimore, Maryland. The original signers of this document were Evangelist Carrie V. Gurry, Deacon John H. Gurry, Brother George S. Brown, Sister Bessie Gurry and Brother Joseph Smith.

The purpose of this organization was to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to practice the Christian religion, to administer the sacraments in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, and to conduct religious worship for those who were in need in mind and in spirit.

This group of faithful followers worshiped in many different places such as the home of Mother C.V. Gurry, on Druid Hill Avenue, Laurens and Brunt Street, at the comer of Calhoun and Pressman Street and finally 1101 North Parish Street.

Mother Gurry traveled through Maryland and Pennsylvania, preaching, teaching and establishing churches. The first two buildings established under Mother Gurry were the King’s Apostle Holiness Church of God, Inc. (KAHC) in Annapolis, Maryland in 1922 and the KAHC in Denton, Maryland in 1924. Much of the movement’s early work dealt with seeking lost souls so that they might be brought into the kingdom of God.

In the movement’s newspaper, “The Word of Truth,” it was reported the saving of many souls in one year because these early saints had a mind to work.

On October 10, 1925, the name of this movement was changed to “the Holiness Church of God,” followed by the change to its present name, King’s Apostle Holiness Church of God, Incorporated on June 18,1958 under the leadership of Bishop Walter E. Campher. Many evangelists, elders, workers, and bishops worked unceasingly in the King’s Apostle movement during this time building on a firm foundation those things that would be pleasing in the eyes of Almighty God. In l971,our Senior Bishop and General President, Walter E. Campher went to his heavenly home.

Bishop E. Eugene Baltimore, a young, gifted man succeeded Bishop Campher. He was kind, compassionate, loving, and a very progressive man of God. Bishop Baltimore was indeed a man after God’s heart as he enjoyed working with everyone. His life exemplified how Christ wanted us to live. The Deacon’s Training Union was birthed during his administration. On many occasions he would bless the audience with the song he had written, “Old King’s Apostle’s on the Move.” In September of 1999, God called Bishop Baltimore to a much-deserved rest from his labor.

And now more than ninety years have transpired for the King’s Apostle movement. This organization is truly blessed to have an inspirational leader in Bishop Wilbert Lewis Baltimore, who was elevated in April of 2000 to the Office of Senior Bishop and General President. During Bishop Baltimore’s administration a dynamic Board of Directors has been appointed to assist him in overseeing financial and spiritual structure of King’s Apostle. In 2001, the organization ratified a name change to the King’s Apostle Church of God, Inc. to reflect this organization’s move into the 21st century. The year 2001 also saw the consecration of five Bishops and the appointment of new Presiding Elders.

Our church has been ushered into a new era. This new era has brought about a new name, that name: The King’s Apostle Church World Ministries encompasses our vision to “Fulfill God’s Purpose and Extend His Kingdom”. The Year 2010 marked One Hundred Years of existences and with God’s help we can say without a doubt, King’s Apostle is on the move!